Partnership, Development, Empowerment

Leicester Masaya Link Group

A twinning organisation bringing communities together to develop educational and sustainable development projects in Leicester and Masaya

Who We Are

We work in partnership to facilitate projects for sustainable development in the Masaya region and we raise awareness of global issues through educational projects across all sectors of the community in Leicester and the surrounding area.

What We Do


Raise Awareness

In Leicester, the LMLG raises public awareness of the link and related global issues across all sectors of the community.


Engage Communities

We work in partnership with local organisations in Masaya to facilitate practical projects that promote sustainable development and empower the people they involve


Build Networks

We help with building water tanks with subsistence farmers, organise training in livestock rearing and income generation projects for women, creating organic gardens and tree planting projects in rural schools and installing photovoltaic panels in areas without electricity.


Strengthen Local Partners

We use our experience of development and knowledge of Nicaragua to provide a rich source of materials and programmes for schools,  youth and community groups.


Support Educational Programmes

In Leicester and Masaya, the LMLG support and organise educational programmes that help to further the development and knowledge of children and the wider communities.


Facilitate Sustainable Development

In all projects, the LMLG strives to uphold best practice in development, encouraging community participation to find local solutions and using a revolving fund scheme to ensure financial sustainability.


Proyecto Sol

Installing solar electricity for farming households remote from the electricity grid

Destination: Think

Destination: Think is a resource for youth workers complete with lesson plan, activities and resources


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